Hawk-Woods Mini 14.4V, 150Wh (V-Mount)
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Hawk-Woods Mini 14.4V, 150Wh (V-Mount)

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The Mini V-Lok Data Lithium-Ion Battery from Hawk-Woods offers all the features of the standard size V-Lok battery in a small, lightweight V-Lok case. This is the perfect solution if you want long run times but want to save on weight and space.

This particular data version has an auto resetting PCM, meaning if the battery were to shut down and go into protection mode there is no need to attach it to a charger to reset the board as it does this automatically. This is perfect for shooting in the field where a charger isn’t always accessible.

  • Featuring a SMBUS communication system which is compatible with RED cameras
  • Easily view the batteries power percentage on the display of the equipment you are using
  • Gives a time remaining for a more accurate battery charge level
  • Features one D-Tap
  • Works on all existing fittings and chargers.

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