SSL Xlogic X-Rack
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SSL Xlogic X-Rack

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The SSL XLogic X-Rack offers the X-Rack Dynamics Module in a convenient, vertical rackmount design. It gives you the opportunity to put together a blended setup combining any number (up to eight per X-Rack) of SSL mic pres, EQs, or Dynamics Modules, enabling you to craft your ideal setup. If you prefer more EQ options than Dyanmics Modules, you can build it. If you’d like a 4-channel SSL front end with two classic EQs and two Dynamics Modules for post-recording tweaks, you can have that as well. With the XRack’s modular design, you can customize the setup to suit your working style, which is quite an innovation – not to mention that all components that work with the XRack boast the legendary SSL sound.